• 1. Use Your Credit Card to Buy an NFT

    Select the NFT you'd like to purchase. Enter your payment information. Be sure to include your email, as you'll receive a confirmation email with directions on how to claim your NFT.

  • 2. Create Your Wallet

    If you don't already have a cryptocurrency wallet, you'll need to download one in order to receive your NFT. There are multiple wallet options but we recommend MetaMask.

  • 3. Claim your NFT

    Once you've purchased your NFT, you'll receive an email from our technical partner, Nifty Bridge to claim your NFT. You'll be directed to a website to enter your MetaMask wallet ID and your NFT will be sent to your wallet.

    You can view your NFT in your wallet on OpenSea.

    If you're using a MetaMask wallet, you can also import your NFT directly into your wallet.